New Website - New Workshops

Welcome to the brand new website for Creative Lighting Workshops.

This is a fresh start to the workshops, the same quality but with a different perspective and a more informative website for the students to use.

Over the coming year we will be running one workshop per month and I will be running one to one and smaller workshops for camera clubs and groups of friends.

We are still incredibly lucky to be able to use Broncolor lighting and have support from LUXS studio supplies who offer us great range of props and backgrounds.

Last year saw the demise of my studio due to an unscrupulous landlord. But my passion for photography will never diminish.

I want to show you how to make better images, how to produce great work with the minimal amount of equipment.

If you are a professional you will understand the necessity to have the very best equipment to offer reliability and consistency to your photography and for your clients. We appreciate that not everyone can spend hundreds or even thousands on this type of equipment. So we offer an alternative. We offer you the know how to use simple equipment to achieve the same results but on a smaller scale. You are not going to be able to light a football team or a family car, but you will be able to light a still life creatively or take a portrait of a family member and achieve some great results.