Advanced Studio Lighting - Part 2

This is a one day workshop for those who are looking for different looks in the studio or home. We will show that you don’t need to spend a fortune to create interesting repeatable images. During this workshop we will use some different light sources not normally used in the studio.  We will demonstrate how to manipulate other light sources and your camera settings to generate some easy and quick looks.  Mixing studio flash with other types of lighting.  The use of different light shapers and how to make some of your own. This workshop is for those who are happy with digital manipulation and the use of the camera in manual mode.  There will be a single model for this workshop. 

How to use different light sources
When to change ISO, shutter speed and aperture in the studio
How to make your own simple modifiers
Gobo’s and other shape making materials
Shadows and flags, simple tricks for stunning results
Limitations and when to swap to studio flash
LED’s and how and where to use them.
Still life lighting